Header Image: Monastary in Lamayuru, Ladakh. Original photograph © 2008 Dr Tilak Bera

Welcome to the website of Dr Tilak Bera

Tilak Bera: the naturalist:

Dr Bera, born in Kolkata, India, he is an avid nature lover and has developed a passion for traveling, writing and photography.

He has traveled across India since he was very young. His school holidays were always spent in traveling with his family visiting numerous holiday destinations. When in college he started exploring jungles and mountains and visited all the tiger reserves and bird sanctuaries in India and Nepal. Since then, he has revisited numerous sanctuaries. While traveling In Nepal he was introduced to birdwatching by an Englishman, and he has stayed an avid birdwatcher since.

As a naturalist, he has visited many unseen places in India and has maintained extensive records of these places as photojournals. He initially published some of his journals in travel magazines. Now, he is concentrating on publishing his photographs and journals as pictorial text, to be able to share with his readers the beautiful places in India.

He has extensively explored many remote areas of India and has described them in his books. 'Ladakh, A glimpse of the Roof of the World', ‘Goa, A Journey and Reminiscence’, ‘Andaman and Nicobar, the Mysterious Bay Islands of India’ and ‘A Journey through Nicobars’ are his most popular books widely appreciated by travelers, researchers and critics. A keen observer, his book contains information on all aspects of the region including its natural, cultural and human wealth, described in his unique style and in a lucid manner. Meticulous presentation and exclusive photographs make his books a collector’s choice.

In recognition of his work, he has been awarded the Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship by the United States- India Educational Foundation as well as a Senior Research Fellowship by the Government of India. He was an associate at Yale University, Connecticut, USA during his Fulbright fellowship. Publishers with global network are are working on his several presentations and those books will be available globally shortly.

He has ten published books and four more are in the making. For details of his books, please refer to the Publications section.

Interested readers may contact woodlandpublishers@hotmail.com regarding availability of his books.

Tilak Bera: the doctor

He graduated from Calcutta Medical College and joined the Army Medical Service. He specialised in Ophthalmology, getting his M.S from the University of Mumbai. He is now a practicing Ophthalmic Surgeon in Kolkata.